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Meeting with VVS Laxman
By Kervyn Dimney
Dec 27, 2005
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Kervyn Dimney with his schoolmate & Indian Cricket Star VVS Laxman

This article has been in the making for a long time. In my mind, I've been writing it since I set foot upon the return flight from Hyderabad to the Land of the Free, and its been more than a month that I’ve returned back from India. I had a wonderful time in India visiting Hyderabad and attending my youngest brother’s wedding. Flying to India and back was the most irritating part of the journey for me but would have been an adventure for Nathan, my son, had I tagged him along.

While there, I called up on a lot of my school friends and got to meet most of them, if not all. I was to meet with VVS Laxman, Parth Satwalkar (actually spelt as Satwalekar), Srinivas Chakravarthy and Rajesh Sharma. These guys were part of the school team and still were in touch with each other, while we have some friends move to the US.

Parth Satwalkar has played for Hyderabad at the Ranji level, but is currently a dentist. I thought that he would be more into cricket and be even better than VVS Laxman, because he was a good opening bowler and was the muscle man with the bat. Srinivas Chakravarthy used to be a good opening batsman for our school team, but no longer pursues cricket as a career. He is more adapt at carving up patients (for their own good!) than carving a silken cover drive. He has taken up the mantle from his parents and has followed in their foot-steps, becoming a surgeon. Rajesh Sharma used to be a good leg spinner. Now instead of flummoxing batsmen, he works his charm in his own business.

We agreed for lunch on the 28-Oct-05 but the doctors busy with work and emergencies. Laxman was not well as he had a bout of cold/cough with a fever. So the lunch got cancelled and we were looking for a day that would suit us all. In the meantime, Laxman was scheduled to go out with his family to Bangkok for a shopping trip and was to be back on 4-Nov-05. We agreed to meet on the 4-Nov-05 for dinner at a restaurant called the WaterFront located on Tank Bund. Laxman could not make it for that either as he postopned his flight, so he missed on some really good food and some drinks which Srinivas, Parth and I enjoyed.

Knowing that I was leaving on the evening of 5-Nov-05, Laxman called me and we planned to meet at 1pm at Parth’s Dental Clinic quarters. I was there at Parth’s place watching TV and discussing our current jobs. And if everyone is aware of Indian Standard time, 1pm turned out to be 2:45pm. Finally, we got to meet with Laxman. We gave him such a hard time about being a cricket celebrity which he took in really well. He looks better in-person compared to the telly. The last time I had seen him was in a picture on the cricinfo site and he looked terrible in that. With all this celebrity status, he is still humble. The norm in Indian domestic cricket is to work for a bank as your 'day' job while you play for your state/city/country. Laxman has broken with the tradition and he works for Indian Airlines.

We had a lot of fun reminiscing the good old days at school, and practice, and how we beat our arch nemesis All Saints school out of a tournament that they were considered favorites for.

He was really suprised to know that cricket is getting popular in Colorado, and I was proud to show him pictures of my CSCC team that won the CCL-Knockout Championship and being Runners-Up for the regular season. We got to discuss the current situation of the Indian team and how it was affecting the guys and him. We got to hear his version of what he thought was happening with and within the Indian team with the exclusion of Ganguly; and Dravid being captain; and all that. He was looking forward to being part of the Indian team when the Test series were to begin with Sri Lanka.

I got Laxman to give me an autograph so that I could show my cricketing friends. And he was real fun when we got to taking pictures.

VVS Laxman and Kervyn Dimney

VVS Laxman, Kervyn Dimney and Parth Satwalkar

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