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Premier/Twenty20 Match Reports - (7-8th Oct 2017)
By Dharam Patel(LCC)
Oct 10, 2017
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Premier/Twenty20 Match Reports - (7-8th Oct 2017)

CCB @ LCC: Premier - Semi-Finals, October 7, 2017 - Reported by Dharam Patel (LCC)

The second Premier Semifinals was played on a beautiful October Morning. The day was perfect, bright blue skies and no rain forecasted. Arch rivals LCC hosted CCB and with tensions running high from their previous meeting, both captains decided for both teams to shake hands before the match in an act of sportsmanship. CCB won the toss and elected to bat first.

CCB opened the innings with their lefty duo of Preetham and Satyam. Dhiren kick started the LCC bowling attack and removed Satyam for a golden duck on the 5th ball of the innings. Rakesh Dash joined Preetham and the two played cautiously as the LCC bowlers were on their mark from the start. Rakesh only contributed 2 before Jay removed his off stump. CCB rookie Rinsan entered and decided to put some pressure back onto the LCC bowlers and dispatched 3 boundaries. His acceleration helped CCB get some valuable runs on the board but he never looked settled in. Rinsan decided to stay on the attack but Raj produced a great in swinging delivery, which dipped just under Rinsan’s bat and clipped the off stump. Not the start CCB was looking for after winning the toss and electing to bat first.

After 11.1 overs they only had 34 runs on the board and already 3 wickets down. LCC was looking good with the ball and CCB were in desperate need of a big partnership. Manjeet joined Preetham, who was still cautiously rotating strike. The pair added another 27 runs in 7 overs when Preetham (31 off 56) departed caught and bowled off Raj. Kamal Ponday entered and he and Manjeet continued the cautious play. In the 28th over Kamal was caught at gully; he was dropped earlier in the same spot but this time Kit held on and Kamal had to depart for just 15 runs off 26 balls.

Manjeet (38 off 64), not playing like himself, was having trouble dispatching balls over the rope and rotating strike and soon after was caught at long on trying to clear the rope. CCB were now 124 for 6 wickets with 8 overs to go. Om and Rajesh gave CCB some hope of a target past 150. Both played aggressively and knew they didn’t have much time left and needed to take as many runs as possible, that led to a mix up in the middle and Dhiren, fielding the ball of his bowling, turned and got a direct hit to remove Om for a meager 14 runs. Ben (2) didn’t last long and the CCB innings ended with Rajesh scoring 23 off 24 balls and a six in the final over and Kanag (3 from 12 balls).

CCB ended the 40 overs with 159 and probably 20-30 runs short of their desired target. LCC bowlers bowled well and showed flashes of the past. Pick of the bowlers was Raj with figures of 8 overs, 33 runs, and 2 wickets. Dhiren, Jay, Bhavya and Dhruv all picked up a wicket each.

Any target is difficult especially in a semifinal match. CCB knew that a couple early wickets could lead to pressure and some desperate hitting which can lead to a collapse. And they started off with a bigger bang than LCC did. Removing both openers, Nayab and Kit, in the first over with the score reading 2 runs 2 wickets.

Dharam and Sakthi came to the middle and needed to show some aggression with patience and try to help the team get back in it. Sakthi took on the role of being patient while Dharam went on the attack, but the attack back fired, and was caught at mid off for a meager 11 runs. LCC were now 20 runs, 3 wickets in 3 overs and Dhiren joined Sakthi to restart the LCC batting innings. The pair added 54 runs in 10 overs and got LCC back on track, Sakthi departed after making a very patient 16 but it came at a crucial time.

Bodha joined Dhiren and with only needing another 80 runs, LCC still had hope if wickets stayed in tact. Dhiren scored a run a ball 38 and got out in the 16th over when he tried to clear the boundary but fell short, his innings consisted of 2 fours and 3 sixes. Jay played very cautiously and was having trouble timing the ball and fell in the 25th over with only 5 runs made off 25 balls. At this point LCC were 123 for 6 wickets, Bodha on 31 and Raj, off a fresh 50 in his last match, needed only 37 more runs 15 overs.

Raj knew his role was to anchor the rest of the way and help Bodha guide the team over the finish line. For the next 6 overs, Kamal and Preetham bowled very well, not giving the LCC batsmen any loose balls and bowled very tight. In 7 overs, LCC only scored 23 runs but did not lose a wicket. At the start of the 34th over, Bodha was on 47 and LCC needed another 14 runs for victory. Shiva bowled the over and started well, but the third delivery went wide and the batsmen took 2 runs off of it. LCC needed only 10 more runs. Raj took a single on the 3rd ball and Bodha then decided to finish it off in style. The 4th ball went for 4 and Bodha brought up another 50 for this season and the 5th ball was dispatched over the boundary for an LCC win. Raj batted towards his role and made 4 off 37 balls, and Bodha finished not out on 58 off 61 with 2x4s and 4x6s. CCB bowlers bowled well but were lacking the runs needed to defend. Pick of the bowlers was Manjeet, 5 overs, 33 runs, and 3 wickets. Kanag, Satyam and Preetham picked up a wicket each.

Man of the Match: Bodhayan Chakraborthy for his 58 off 61 with 2x4s and 4x6s that helped LCC to victory.
See LCC Vs CCB Scorecard
Match Video: See LCC Vs CCB match

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