2013 Memorial Day Tournament Updates (25-27 May 2013)

Author: Kervyn Dimney on behalf of CCL-EC
Submitted: May 25, 2013

Message from Ramesh Appat Menon (CCL Manager) Tue, May 28, 2013 1:35 PM


Sorry about not updating this group about what happened in Central West during the games or end of the day after the games. As you all know the schedule was packed. It is a long a bit superfluous email but if you want to get a good picture go ahead read. I will encourage others who made the trip with me to share their experiences as well.

I also want to thank each and every individual who made this trip with me and contributed in every parts of it. Everyone chipped in and it was amazing team effort.

We all got there pretty late Friday night. Some of us reached 2 AM because of flight delays and other logistics. I want to admire the level of communication and collaboration everyone did with car rentals, hotel rooms etc. Create job team.

Saturday we started of with the One Day (50 overs) format. We played the strongest team of the tournament - Dallas. The ended up winning both the championships. Since the playing conditions - humidity, white ball, 1/2 height grass (outfield was lightening), due factor in the morning and of course playing against players who represents USA, high quality cricket in Jamaica was something new to many of us, the team adjusted very well but a bit late. Dallas batted first and their openers were flawless. From 170/1 in 25 overs or so...we restricted them to 334. Bhavya bowled exceptionally well. We lost with a huge margin (225 odd runs). There were some lightening fast balls. One six went down fine leg hitting Satyam's helmet. But we played as a team and hand lot of fun irrespective of the outcome. That night dinner was sponsored by Shailesh at London Sizzlers. The team lot of fun. Bodha and Satyam batted really well but with the run rate mounting Team Colorado had to go for it and lost wickets at regular interval.

Sunday while the 50 overs finals was going on we were slated to play 2 T20 games. The morning one was against Nebraska & Iowa team. Thanks to Dhiren's 102 (only player to score a century in the tournament and ending up winning the best batsman award) and some partnerships LCC set a target of 195. Once again some good bowling from Bhavya and a diving catch of his own bowling by Jiger and some great fielding LCC was able to win it convincingly (they scored 145 odd). That afternoon we played Chairman XI - a team of Under-23 energetic bunch. They set a target of 135 odd for us to chase. A fiery opening partnership by Dhiren and Kervyn - we literally fired from both cylinders...it was fun to watch boundaries and sixes....we finished it in 13 overs or so. This gave us an edge in terms of the Net Run Rate and qualified as 3rd position to the semifinals. The other teams where Dallas (auto qualification because of the 50 overs champions and Houston the runners up), Austin and us.

Monday morning was the T20 Semifinals and we faced Houston. The previous night was another highlight of the tour. The day before the newly appointed (4 months) USACA CEO Darren Beazley had briefed interrupted the play to introduce himself to all the players and convey his message around "change" coming to how cricket is run in the US. Grass roots is where he wants to get to and build U-18, U-19 teams from the major cities and improve cricket in the US. He was highly appreciative of Central West organizers doing it in their region and encouraged others. In fact the Central West Representative - Brian was mentioning that he was here couple of weeks back involved with the Youth Program that Mike Riley is starting in Ft. Collins area. There is some future for the youngsters and I am glad our league encourages that as well. Clubs need to continue doing it.

Coming back to the semifinals - with some top order collapse (4/4) Satyam and Bodha fought back like I have never seen before. They hit 10 boundaries of 12 balls to bring hope. We never could recover from those early loses. Jay and Bhavya bowled well. With Houston being 51/4 in 11 overs there was glimmer of hope but there not enough runs on the board to give it a good fight. They underestimated us and in retrospect we all knew we had a chance to play in the finals.

The Monday afternoon game was for the 3rd and 4th position. We played Austin. By then the team was enervated. Austin scored 190. We were 135 when ran out of overs.

This trip was an amazing experience for me as a player/manager (although did not do anything managerial). It truly showed how our league is closely knit and the clubs and the players built a great comradeship. We laughed, we cheered, we supported each other and encouraged each other. I personally was very impressed with the high quality of cricketers we have in our league and with a stroke of luck could have been No. 2 instead of 4 in this tournament. Irrespective of the position we landed if there was an award for "Best team of the tournament" I would have given it to "Team Colorado". Go CCL!!


Message from Bodhayan Chakraborty(CCL Captain) 29-May-2014 10:48am

Thanks Ramesh for summarizing everything. I feel really proud to be captaining such a talented and highly committed players. I personally enjoyed each and every moment of this tour. This is a great learning for me as a player and as a team member. I encourage CCL to participate in this tournament every year. This is a great platform and a prestigious tournament to showcase our talent and to achieve higher goals. I want to thank each and every players for supporting me on and off the field. I also want to thank CCL management for providing me this opportunity to be part of this tournament. I know, I could not deliver the expected result. But if we keep encouraging people to be part of this tournament, one day surely we'll be the winner.

Being such a short tournament, I could not give everybody equal opportunity. I apologize for that.

I also want to share few notable moments from our games.

1.Vivek, Jigar, Deepak, Ben, Raj and Ramesh's continuous hard work while being the 12th, 13th and 14th person. They really helped us with water, Gatorade, etc. during the breaks. I am, and I think the whole team, is really thankful to you guys. You did a great job.

2.Dhiren's 102 against Nebraska and 64 against Chairman's U-23 team were so brutal as well as eye-catching.

3.Bhavya's accurate, economical leg-spin throughout the tournament. I cannot remember he bowled a single wide in the whole tournament where he bowled 22 overs.

4.Jay and Dhiren's opening partnership of 105 runs against Nebraska. Jay scored 34 in 27 balls.

5.Deepak's two really good high catches in the long on against Nebraska.

6.Satyam's batting against Dallas where he faced the quickest bowler (Nomi Ifthikar) of the tournament and hit him for a boundary. Satyam scored 43 against a really high quality bowling attack.

7.Faiq kept wicket for almost 750 deliveries over the three days. That is 750 times up and down. Still he kept his focus and manages to get a runout out of nowhere when one of the Houston opener left his crease momentarily after missing a ball while trying to play it. That was a great reaction.

8.Kervyn's quickfire 40 against Chairman's U-23 helped us to get the runrate and enabled us to get the 3rd spot in the qualifier.

9.Jay was always good with the new ball.

10.Jigar's great caught and bowled against Nebraska.

11.Some good ground fielding by Niyaz and Ben.

Last but not least, I want to thank Raymond. Without whose continuous support and hard work, we won't be able to participate in this tournament.



Message from Brian Walters (CW Chairman) May 29, 2013 2:31 PM

Gentlemen- good afternoon. We had an OUTSTANDING tournament - thanks to Mustafa, Nanda, and the rest of the guys in Houston who pulled out all the stops to make the tournament successful. Also, my sincere appreciation to Jay Tanwar and his group for showing tremendous commitment by driving from Iowa and Nebraska to join us, as well as the folks from Colorado for traveling from there to be with us as well.

You can see photos of the weekend at the website below; I multi-tasked for much of the weekend, so didnít get all the photos that I would have wanted, but you should have a good idea of what it was like by looking at these. And please feel free to share with anyone who you think would want to see it.

Ahmed- can a link to this photo album be posted on our CW website? Maybe with a teaser photo or 2 also?

2013 CW Tournament Pictures

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Match Videos: (courtesy of Bodhayan Chakraborty)

Colorado vs Nebraska - 05-26-2013 - CW tournament - T20: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMVquShnXJU

Colorado vs Chairman 23 - 05-26-2013 - CW tournament - T20:


2013 CW Tournament Pictures (courtesy of Brian Walters)

Darren Beazley(CEO USACA) & Ramesh Menon -

Darren Beazley(CEO USACA) & Ramesh Menon and Other League Representatives:

Ramesh, Mustafa, Kervyn, Brian Walters: https://cwtourney2013.shutterfly.com/pictures/1042#1022

Brian Walters & Bodhayan: https://cwtourney2013.shutterfly.com/pictures/1042#1020

Darren Beazley(CEO USACA) & Team Colorado:

Darren Beazley(CEO USACA) & Team Colorado at the Ground: https://cwtourney2013.shutterfly.com/pictures/999#992


All Pictures of Tournament:

2013 CW Tournament - Team Pictures

Day 1 - Dallas V Colorado

Day 3 - Austin V Colorado

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